Pickup is 1-2 days before the event (Generally Thursday and Friday the week of
the event if the event is on a Saturday


Drop Off

All rented items must be returned by the next business day after the event
(Generally Mondays depending on the event date).

Late returns are subject to late charges, as per the rental agreement. The individual returning the merchandise is responsible for any charges resulting from damaged merchandise or late returns.


Alternate pickup and return dates can be arranged based on your needs, speak to an associate IN-STORE for more details.


Rental Policies

  1. The individual renting the merchandise agrees to return the rented merchandise on the return date in good order.
  2. Renter will pay for any damage or loss occurring while such merchandise is in their possession including $10.00 for each day said merchandise is kept beyond the return date.
  3. Deposits are non-refundable. Cancellation fees MAY apply.