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Nisbett’s Guide to Graduating with Style

Nisbett’s Guide to Graduating with Style

You've almost made it to the end of the school year, which means that your graduation and/or prom are just around the corner. This is an amazing opportunity to make a great last impression. In the guide that follows, we are going to walk you through what to wear to your graduation or prom — with recommendations for everything from your suit to your shoes and accessories. 

STYLE TIP #1: Socks

Socks are a small, yet very important part of dress.

Unique, and highly styled socks are a new trend that adds a touch of flare to any mans wardrobe.

Pair them with dress attire for a bright touch, or with everyday casual wear for a bit of 'spunk'.

For the more conservative man, match a crisp, dark coloured pair of socks, matched to the pant.

This very simple touch is a valuable tool for well-dressed men.

With a variety of patterns, designs, and colours available, your look will always be fresh. See them online (here) and in-store.